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Li Hao - Modern Artist 

"My work is my best attempt at giving the impossible, the infinite, a physical, objective existence. I spent several years distilling these concepts down to the essential.

There is a minimalistic simplicity to the work, yet it expresses something infinite — it’s a pluralistic paradox. I’ve tried to visually demonstrate the colossally vast and the infinitesimally small — the cosmos and the divinity inside oneself." 

Li Hao received his Bachelor of Architecture from CAFA in 2008, and set out to be an artist in 2016.

The artworks of Li Hao explore the relevance of art and memory, geometry, transparency in the world at large. He brings people, space and nature on to the same frequency, uniting audiences with experiences that inspire a re-connection to our planet. 

Li Hao created a series of activating artworks, usually small and beautiful, but capable of leveraging something really big. He amplifies the sense of material authenticity and delight, mining everyday experience for opportunities to confuse and confound our expectations of space and form. He belives that we can improve the world through recognition, consideration and creation.

His work gestures towards the theatricality of minimalism and formalism. There is a focus on materiality, alchemy, and a deep respect for light and space.

Li Hao found One Take Architects in 2016, an innovative design firm which engaged in practices of architecture, art, landscape, planning and product design. One Take Architects is devoted to discover the unrevealing relationship and various possibilities in existing context, strive to achieve subtle, emotional spaces that can have multiple readings, create architecture that is logical, sustainable, and that speaks of its time. They start small and stay away from challenging local building industry with advanced materials and techniques, deal with what is possible.


In 2017, Li Hao started a public welfare project ‘Program SPARK’, which provide free art education for left-behind children in china. He try to provoke and inspire people with their non-profit architecture & art education project. The aim of Program SPARK is not to cultivate future architects, but to use architecture as a medium to perceive the real world, to guide and help children grow, and to let children return to the real world through physical participation, thus bringing their interests back to the real world.

Li Hao lives and works in Hangzhou and Shenzhen.


2003 - 2008

China Academy of Fine Arts






Asia 40 under 40 Awards (Perspective Magazine)

Eco Design Awards (Beijing Comtemporary Art Foudatioon)

AD100 YOUNG Talent

IDEAT Awards Talent short list



Pop Star -  Spectrum, Glow Shenzhen


Inner Theater, An Impulse to Turn, Inside-out Art Museum, Beijing 


Pop Star -  Mirage, Art Hengsha Island, Shanghai



Mandala Pavilion, Original Code, Beijing

Uncertain Memory, Galaxy Carnival, Shanghai


Echo, Galaxy Carnival, Shanghai



Mirror Sight Shelter, New Media Art Festival, Longli

Harvest Shelter, New Media Art Festival, Longli

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